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Macklemore Opens Up About Sobriety and Relapsing During Pandemic

Famous for rocking a fake nose and glasses for “The Humpty Dance” video, the Oakland native built an entire career on a foundation of comedy. When I was about 25 years old, I was paying bills with my music, but just barely. Any sort of momentum I had locally as a musician just stopped. I was drinking excessively and smoking a ton of weed. “In terms of recovery, it has been very important for me to be a part of a recovery community, to actively be around my people because they understand me,” said Macklemore.

  • Bookmark this list for young rappers that died recently – as we’ll keep updating the list – as well as memorable stars like Tupac and Biggie.
  • I could barely walk and I was headed for a wheelchair for sure.
  • The Clown Prince of Hip Hop passed away on July 16 at a Maryland hospital, bringing his over 30-year career to a premature end.
  • In June 2022, he violated a protective order filed against him by his ex-girlfriend and was subsequently sent to jail.
  • Inspired by a personal experience of Steven Tyler and his friend Richie Supa, it speaks about the eye-opening moments that a person can experience after getting sober.
  • Macklemore penned this tribute to his friend Kevin, who passed away from an overdose of prescription pain pills in 2010.

Bookmark this list for young rappers that died recently – as we’ll keep updating the list – as well as memorable stars like Tupac and Biggie. It’s always sad to see that a young rapper passed away. Pop Smoke and XXXTentacion were some of the youngest deceased rappers to be added to the list. Several famous rappers have perished after losing their battles with cancer. Adam Yauch, AKA MCA from the Beastie Boys, passed on May 4, 2012, at age 47, after succumbing to a cancerous parotid gland and lymph node.

Recovery Songs To Listen To

Processed with ammonia or baking soda, crack is a freebase form of cocaine that can be smoked to achieve a high. Because it is cheaper and more readily available than powdered cocaine, How to Open an Inmates Halfway House in 2023 Business Plan crack quickly took hold in poor urban communities. To combat the influence of rap music on teen drug use, Herd recommended that parents monitor their children’s music.

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“Till I Collapse,” the 18th track on Eminem’s fourth studio album The Eminem Show has been streamed 1,365,826,737 times on Spotify since 28 June 2022. It set off a bit of a competition in the rap world and it’s been really fun to see people try to outdo Eminem. And when you just don’t know what else to do, please don’t forget that music has the power to change your life. Find the music that speaks to you, turn it on and let it wash over you. Music has always shouted truth to me over all the lies rambling around in my brain.

Drug & Substance Abuse FAQs

This song is a deeply emotional and inspiring tune for anyone who has struggled with setbacks on their journey. “Not Afraid” by Eminem is a hip-hop/rap song from his 2010 album, Recovery. The lyrics talk about his journey to overcome his addiction to pills. Chicago rapper KTS Dre was shot approximately 64 times on July 10 as he was leaving Cook County Jail. The 31-year-old man was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away.

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Eminem has reportedly struggled with depression and anger issues. Other famous rappers who struggle with mental illness include Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Kid Cudi. Did you know that so many rappers have mental illness? Take a look at this list to educate yourself about mental health.

For years, rap music has glorified substance use, portraying getting high as an activity with little consequence. Although this trend continues, more rappers today are using their platforms to spread awareness for addiction and mental illness. Anyhoo, the whole reason I am telling you all of this is because one of the biggest saviors in my recovery has been music. I have been able to put all my struggles into rap songs about recovery. It has given me an outlet to pour all my emotion into. I mean, I would still recover one day at a time, but having music to turn to has been a game changer for me.

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Deciding if you have issues with drug use or not can be difficult for someone in recovery. “Not an Addict” can help you sort through your dependence on drugs. This song can make you realize that dependence doesn’t define you, but it can negatively affect your life and needs to be addressed.

  • In 2019, he was appointed to the board of directors of The Council of Fashion Designers of America.
  • Evidently, his first visit was not as effective as intended.
  • I know that addiction is a treatable disease, but I’m never going to be cured, and I’m completely fine with that.
  • Even though overcoming addiction presents challenges, P!

Pink wrote this song after realizing she wanted to feel as good sober as she did while drinking and using drugs. For people in recovery, songs about addiction can be a powerful source of inspiration. Certain lyrics and melodies can provide encouragement and strength, even when the going gets tough. At least 20 rappers were fatally shot this year; some hometown heroes, others nationally celebrated artists like Young Dolph.

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