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What Is a ChatBot and Does Your Hotel Need One?

News 2022 The Hotel Technology Year In Review

chatbots in hotels

Going beyond web & mobile, using the chatbot as a component in an omnichannel marketing strategy will allow hospitality businesses to engage users across all channels and expand their network. A hotel chatbot can be invaluable for hotel owners & managers, offering rapid response times for the queries, improving the experience in hotels, and helping to make marketing efforts more personal and meaningful. Small hotel providers may be able to compete on equal terms with the industry’s top companies thanks to AI. All repetitive tasks like check-ins and check-outs, housekeeping deliveries, room assignments, and the like will be automated by robust cloud-based hotel management software with AI at its heart. You will be able to shorten response times, raise customer satisfaction levels, cut expenses, and ultimately boost income by using chatbots and strong analytics tools together. Even if customers wish to book directly through the hotel’s website, determining desired dates and check-in information might be difficult and time-consuming.

Trying into guest experience partially, Hotels continue to desire to communicate instantly with their guests to provide an excellent experience. It is considered to now be having more of an impact than product or price differentiators. 86% of guests according to PWC will pay more for a good customer experience. Put that with 67% of travel being planned on mobile, and over 50% booked on mobile, then you know technology matters in delivering a high amount of this brilliant experience. Hotels should communicate measures and how they meet government directives to guests at the different stages of a guest’s stay, from the moment they book to when they depart. Guests will also want to know that the staff are being considered and looked after, so ethical and socially responsible companies as well as guests will be at the forefront here.

Enhancing the guest experience

The hotel business positions itself to benefit from this technology by tapping into audiences from social media both uncontested and without breaking a sweat. AI, over the next decade, will be the key to opening the hotel business with the learning technology and near-endless amount of data. With this kind of technology, both big and small hotels will be able to overcome barriers of common skills, complications, and levelness. In the case of hotels, this research function can help staff keep up to date with travel trends, allowing them to adapt their offering and promotional content to fit what tourists want. On a more individualised level, chatbots are able to analyse the likes and dislikes of a guest, a feature that can be utilised when allocating rooms or curating personalised packages. Pros Capable of informing advertising campaigns, streamlining booking processes and managing hotel administration, AI technology brings with it a myriad of benefits and opens up new potential for the hospitality sector.

chatbots in hotels

This data helps develop more meaningful relationships by automatically tailoring offers and services to the individual’s search. This concept has been adopted from the use of artificial intelligence, in the prediction of the stock exchange patterns in businesses and this has contributed both in terms of labour and financially to the business industry. If the 45,000 hotels in the UK are to use a dependable and sturdy AI, system, they will remodel, and renovate their operations with an assurance of increased net profit income. With automated cleaning lighting and air conditioning systems, artificial intelligence can make life much easier for guests. AI can personalize booking experience based on the history of guests’ favorites.


The shift to online trip planning and digital communications has created immense amounts of data that provide an opportunity to analyse previous booking patterns to help increase future occupancy rates. In addition, through the use of analytics and by comparing pricing with competitors providers can develop a more effective future pricing strategy. Take advantage of the chatbot to advertise campaigns and promote exclusive services.

chatbots in hotels

Winnow, a food waste management company, claims that food waste costs the hospitality industry between 4 percent and 12 percent of its revenue, and has been developing AI tools cut waste. However, there are concerns that AI  (like social media algorithms) could take personalisation too far, only suggesting venues or destinations that appeal to its knowledge of a customer’s search history. There are false information fears; apprehension over what the industry coins ‘hallucinations’ in marketing ads with the aim of converting customers. Businesses can implement personalisation throughout the customer journey, from initial advertising to check-out. In fact, some of the greatest revenue increases, as a result of AI, are reported in marketing and sales, where it is used for capturing and analysing customer data points. These companies reached this top-tier level of performance by tailoring their products and services on the individual level, and by finding intelligent ways to reach the right audience at the right moment with the right experiences.

Use table management to close or limit the number of tables and seats to abide by new maximum-occupancy and social-distancing requirements. Reservation and Waitlist allow you to maintain appropriate occupancy–and conduct reporting–following new mandates. Pay at table or using a partner ordering solution enables contactless payment. Starwood allows visitors to bypass the front desk completely by checking in on their phone​ and using their smartphone as a room key. Travel tips as well as health and safety information alongside advice on visa requirements, travel budgets and packing checklists are some of the added knowledge Cubby is able to share. More people are self-employed and the catalyst of Covid-19, makes co-working holidays more likely.

chatbots in hotels

As someone who just spent time in Colombia, I can tell you how frustrating it is not being able to ask for simple things at reception. Live Chat is where chats are manned by a real person, but the whole point of a chatbot is that you can set it up and leave it to work its magic—and only jump in for certain scenarios. How do you feel about the incredible advancements in the world of technology and artificial intelligence? Then, we engineer a chatbot for one or more platforms, refine its performance and integrate it into your infrastructure.

Chatbots in Education

Hospitality business will need to evaluate if adopting AI-powered solutions would be a genuine benefit to their business strategy in terms of value to their business, corporate image and value to their guests. Younger travellers are more conscious than ever about digital advertising and are accustomed to seeing display and social media ads featuring content they’ve recently browsed on online. As the development of AI and how it handles customer data continues, we’re now seeing more innovative ways in which travel companies build relationships with their customers. Technology and travel have become even more intertwined and AI-based technology solutions are now vital to the travel industry’s future. The hospitality industry has long been known for its high employee turnover rates and recruitment challenges. However, with the advent of AI and its various applications, the industry can now leverage this technology to streamline HR processes and manage employment issues more effectively.

What are the 2 main types of chatbots?

As a general rule, you can distinguish between two types of chatbots: rule-based chatbots and AI bots.

Maybe this pandemic will be the trigger to make this a larger proportion of stays. Whilst we act in the now, we have to look ahead and put some of our collection energy into positive ideas. This is why we are bringing you 10 hotel trends for 2021 with expert views included. The chatbots in hotels effect of Covid-19 on the industry has been profound and we are all adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Our human creativity remains the benchmark of AI’s success and our most valuable asset in business. As it stands, AI might be fast, but it often fails to match our thoroughness.

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It also helps act as a translator for international guests if the chatbot is programmed to speak several languages. Upsell or cross-sell services where the chatbot can send recommendations to the guest about your spa package after their long flight chatbots in hotels journey. 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity, according to SocialTables. Other benefits include custom-tailored experiences, boost pre-booking experience, instant notifications, and 24/7 presence and availability.

  • This not only saves time but also enhances security and eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys.
  • AI-driven personalisation is the solution to tapping into the full potential of the experience economy.
  • These virtual agents give companies new ways to improve customer experience, help them build better brand recognition and acquire new customers online.
  • Checking-in can turn into a long process, and if it does, it can start a stay off on the wrong foot.

You can use your own data and knowledge to create expert systems that provide accurate and personalized recommendations. Hyatt, Marriott, Accor, Four Seasons and some independents are all hotel groups using AI chatbots, mostly to deal faster with commonly asked questions, and also with common booking requests. In-stay then includes using tech, such as in-room digital assistants, either tablets or voice activated like Echo, or Google Home. Making use of app or browser based in stay extras and chatboxes, which give the guest a focal point for their communication.

Does Netflix use chatbots?

Recently, service providers like Netflix, Hulu, AT&T and broadcasters like CNN and MTV have successfully used ChatBot technology to engage with their customers.

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